IS-I-460 PD


The benchmark in Selective soldering and unrivalled, thanks a combination of maximum flexibility and high throughput! Two solder pots in double mode for (small nozzle & big nozzle) or parallel mode, hereby up to two PCB`s and Modular up to six PCB`s can be processed simultaneously.



IS-I-460 PD - The “PD” (parallel & double) version of the Interselect Inline machines highly increase the flexibility and the through-put. With the double conveyor and two solder pots this system can process up to two circuit boards in each module. The machine can be used in two different modes:



For the parallel mode the conveyor is separated into two single conveyors. Each conveyor has its unique stopper and origin and can accept PCBs up to 305x460mm. Both solder pots and Fluxers have the same offset like the origins, so both circuit boards are being processed at the same time.



By using the two solder pots in double mode just one solder nozzle is active at a time. In this mode not only the maximum board size is increased to 460x460mm but also two different nozzle types can be used in the solder pots. The fact that high density areas can be soldered with a small nozzle and high mass components can be soldered with a large nozzle tremendously increases the flexibility of the system.



The turnkey-machine is set up and installed easy and can start production right after uncrating.


Solder Pot

All InterSelect selective soldering machines have a Titan solder pot which can handle all kinds of solder alloy. By default the machine is equipped with nitrogen insertion and cover. The intelligent setting makes maintenance and cleaning of the solder pot and the solder simple and quick.



The MicroDrop-Jet Fluxer has a Flux-Tank with pressure control and accepts alcohol- and water-based flux types. With an accuracy and repeatability of ± 0.1mm the micro-drop Fluxer reaches a speed of up to 200mm/s  



The optional Top- and Bottom-Preheater with infrared emitters can be adjusted depending on the board size to ensure energy-efficient production. While preheating a pyrometer control measures the exact temperature right on the PCB surface and continuously regulates the heating power.


PC and Software

The machine has an integrated PC running Windows 7 and pre-installed machine software. The soldering solftware features 3 password protected user levels and is designed with an emphasis on intuitive operation.

Technical Spécifications:

Footprint:1880 x 1270 x 1390mm ( LxBxH)

PCB holder:Length min.max. 50-460mm
Width min.max. 50-460mm
Components above up to 120mm
Components below up to 40mm
Max weight 15 KG

Energy3 phase / 400V
2,6m³/h N2 bei 99,99% 
3-6 bar compressed air

PreheatingIR Heater from 1,5 up to 4,5 KW above

Solder pot12 KG
Pump unit made of titanium
Pot made of titanium

Video Youtube

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